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Multi-Signs is a fantastic game to develop your intuition like never. Intuition


Exal-studios is the inventor of the Multi-Signs game and generator. You can't find this game anywhere else. H+ grids use a special generator that creates homogeneous grids ideal for intuition development. Perfect if you like sudoku or crosswords. It's also a powerful tool to help you develop your intuition.

  • Try the new and innovative Multi-Signs ! You can also translate and watch video below.
  • The rules are simple : Put the symbols inside the grid by drag and drop so that there are never two identical symbols on a same row or column.
  • Three generators for progressive difficulty and unlimited grids. Multi-Signs will develop your intuition.

New images are created each week for the puzzle. Unlimited number of grids are generated for this Sudoku.

Video : how to play Multi-Signs ? and Video : Multi-Signs for iphone.

Video : How to play and develop your intuition with H+ mode.

Key to success in intuition development.

Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Pictures were made especialy for this jigsaw puzzle using image synthesis.
  • Up to 36 pieces per picture.
  • There are 80 HQ pictures available in four panels.

A Jigsaw Puzzle, often called pictures for Puzzle or Jigsaw, is the perfect game for playing with fun. Usually, Jigsaw puzzle use 80 qualities pictures and you can choose from 9 by 9 to 36 pieces of pictures.

Tower Defence

Exal Studios real open field tower defence

  • Simply drag and drop anything at any moment !
  • Drag from the interface green and orange blocks to build your maze to slowdown cyberbugs.
  • Very important : You can sell anything at any moment by drag and drop on the drop zone.
  • Don't forget to upgrade your guns ! and get you guns stronger.

  • The Fantastic Black Tower Defence is waiting for you ! Are you Ready ? Click here to play.
  • The Mini Tower Defence to learn is here too. Are you Ready ? Click here to play.

A Tower Defence, often called a small war game, is the perfect game for playing with fun. Usualy, Tower defence use to detect the construction of a wall to avoid it.

Video : how to play the Tower Defence above ? or Iphone Tower Defence Video : the basics or Iphone Tower Defence more advanced video.


  • Sudoku rules : Put the orange numbers inside the grid by drag and drop so that there are never two identical symbols on a same row , column or block.
  • A block is made of nine squares separated by red dashed lines from other blocks.

  • You can fill the grid with Hypothesis. When you find a symbol all the hypothesis that are no longer necessary are erased.
  • A weak spot inside the grid is a square where only one possible symbol can be put.
  • The weak spot button will show you a weak by two way. The first one is the classical only one solution because all the other numbers are already in place. The second one is the weak spot by sweeping this way is a powerful way to solve Sudoku grid.
  • To valid an hypothesis simply click on the little blue number !
  • The blue numbers on the interface are how many symbols are already in place.

A Sudoku, often called daily Sudoku originally called Number Place, is the perfect game for playing with fun. Usually, Sudoku use a 9 by 9 grid, each row, and each column that compose the grid but you can find a mini Sudoku that use 4 by 4 grid ideal to learn and play.

Please note: this web site and all the games are made by one single person. This is not a compilation of flash games. All the games are exclusives to this web site and can't be found anywhere else.